5th international conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (2021) at University of Kashan

Professor Sergios Theodoridis
National and Kapodistrian University of Athen, GR
Topic of Talk:  Bayesian Machine Learning

Dr Gerald Schaefer
Loughborough University, UK
Topic of Talk: Latest Developments in Computer Vision



Professor Shohreh Kasaei
Sharif University of Technology, IR
Topic of Talk: Advances in 3D Computer Vision

Recent developments in image and video processing along with availability of powerful computers and low cost cameras have led to applicable “3D Computer Vision” techniques. It is a challenging task that requires dealing with algebraic and geometrical concepts as well as image and video processing knowledge. It employs the epipolar geometry and related optimization techniques to compute the camera internal and external parameters in order to achieve the fundamental, essential, and homography transforms among different frames that have been simultaneously captured by multiple cameras. The main applications of 3D computer vision include: 3D semantic segmentation, 3D adversarial attack and defense, point cloud classification, adversarial knowledge distillation, autonomous driving cars, virtual/augmented reality, dynamic 3D pose estimation, dynamic 3D action recognition, and so forth. In this talk, I will give a brief introduction on 3D computer vision and its various applications.

Dr. Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta
Senior Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft
and Instructor at Stanford University
Topic of Talk: Hottest Trends and Challenges of Deep Learning
Late-breaking developments applying deep learning in retail, financial services, healthcare, IoT, and autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles
Why time series data is The New Big Data and how deep learning leverages this booming, fundamental source of data
What's coming next and whether deep learning is destined to replace traditional machine learning methods and render them outdated


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